Our success is the ability to deliver business value to your company by providing effective consultancy.

What differentiates our company from other consultancies is that we do what we love and are customer focused. Your company needs, are our needs.

Our company goes the extra mile in order to deliver solutions that are fit for purpose, effective and cost-effective for your organisation's risks appetite.



Your success is our success. We strive to deliver business value to your company by providing the following services.

Cyber Security Consultancy 

vCISO/ Interim CISO

Cyber Security Strategy

Cyber Security Training/Coaching and Education

Cloud Security Assessment


SDLC Security

Cyber Security Architecture

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When you need a specific piece of work delivered, market analysis and implementation...

NSC42 is here for you, we offer a wide range of expertise from Enterprise Cybersecurity Architecture, Cloud Security in conjunction with the other services security service when needed like the Cybersecurity Strategy and Cloud Security

NSC42 provides consultancy services in the following areas:




  • Application Security with the assessment of SDLC security and recommendation/ implementation of DEVSECOPS methodology and security tools

  • Cloud security with assessment and implementation of controls

  • Governance and Risk assessment

  • Product selection and implementation

  • Enterprise security posture assessment and with the implementation of controls

  • Remote access with assessment and implementation of controls

vCISO/ Interim CISO

When you need clear leadership and don't have the
resources to hire a full time expensive CISO.

NSC42 provide virtual CISO (vCISO) or Interim CISO that will provide a clear strategy, board advisory, and peace of mind that your client's data will be secured appropriately.

NSC42 offering for vCISO or Interim CISO is completely customized on your neeeds with the followings:

  • Consultancy - to assess the areas to cover

  • Strategy/Workshop - to define a clear roadmap

  • Advisory and Leadership - to operate in alignment with the organizational strategic objectives


When you need clear direction and don't know
where to start

NSC42 come to aid with cybersecurity strategy
service, built on industry standards

NSC42 offer two level of service to address your
cybersecurity strategy need:





When you need a trusted training partner on Training & Cybersecurity NSC42 is here for you.

With top talented trainers and training NSC42 is here to offer the best quality training remote and on-site for the following areas:

  • Application security - full range of Web and application security training

  • Cloud Security - Full curriculum of Cloud security services in collaboration with Cloud Security alliance

  • DEVSECOPS - Full curriculum of DEVSECOPS for developers and managers


NSC42 offers bespoke cloud transformation security services leveraging the cloud security
framework NSC
42 and the Cloud security Alliance Developed over the years.

We provide a range of services to support cloud security in digital transformation across a number of platforms not limited to:

  • Microsoft Azure,

  • Amazon Amazon AWS,

  • Google Cloud,

  • Microsoft 365,

  • Google Gsuite

When you need to secure your application lifecycle, add security to your development team or integrate tools to secure the lifecycle


NSC42 comes to help you with well-proven and recognized assessments and standards (Security Phoenix/OWASP SAMM/BSIMM).

NSC42 partners and integrate with the best tool in the market to ensure that your platform is secure and you use 3rd party open source library securely and safely.


NSC42 offers bespoke architecture in enterprise and cloud transformation.

NSC42 supports operations, development and application teams to migrate securely to the cloud with an innovative cybersecurity framework.

NSC42 supports a variety of range of architecture. from implementation to digital transformation we got you covered and your client secured.




Our Partners

at NSC42 we believe in teamwork, for this reason, we've partnered up with the best in the industry to deliver you the best service.




Cloud Security Alliance.png

NSC42 team members
cover a number of roles in the local chapter between board members, researchers, and
director of events.



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NSC42 team members collaborate actively with the
London chapter in the form of keynotes and research.

NSC42 actively collaborates with the local toastmaster groups.



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