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Something About Our Founder

Hi, I’m Francesco,


I am the founder of NSC42. My background as an experienced Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and cybersecurity advisor with cloud focus gives me an edge in providing consultancy for NSC42.


I am originally from Rome - Italy and fuelled with passion, curiosity and dissatisfaction for the status quo, I believe in protecting identities in cyberspace and creating a safer, more connected world for future generations.


Being a driven entrepreneur at heart, I started my first company Technet, now NICE by Cineca, in Italy to deliver quality cybersecurity training and world-class consultancy. When the UN WFP became one of my clients, I developed and implemented a cybersecurity improvement programme. The programme was not only successful but importantly it was cost-effective, which enabled the UN WFP to save money. This meant they could dedicate more resources to important humanitarian activities, and that’s why I still consider this engagement as one of my greatest professional achievements.


Since then, I’ve been expanding NSC42 in the United Kingdom and securing more cloud transformations. In 2014 it was recognised and won The Pride Award from Nationwide Building Society.


In my spare time, I enjoy giving back to the cybersecurity community. As part of that, I’m the director of events for the Cloud Security Alliance UK, an active member of (ISC)2, and with the support of influencers like Jane Frankland and Tanya Janca, I’ve developed a cybersecurity mentorship programme with a particular attention to newcomers and seasoned women in cybersecurity[JF2] . I also keynote at numerous global conferences, have authored and co-authored of a number of books, and I am regularly featured in articles.


Outside of work, you can find me running marathons, snowboarding on the Italian slopes, and enjoying single malt whiskeys in one of my favourite London clubs.

Francesco Cipollone Founder NSC42

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