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We take the stress out of rapid Cloud transformation

When you are faced with rapid digital transformation and not enough skilled security team we come to aid with Nimble Security Cloud

we keep your cloud secure, compliant and vulnerability free

We offer a service that is nimble, precise and tailored to you and your need.

We want to be your trusted cybersecurity partner
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Our WHY:

In all the past work engagement we’ve noticed that assessments were not consistent and only point in time leaving organisations exposed. Also in all the security assessment, we’ve seen technology used without people at the centre.


Our HOW:

For this reason, we’ve created Nimble Security Cloud a world-class service with people first and technology as an aid. We believe in protecting our client consistently and continuously at a reasonable price that’s why we’ve made the offering a monthly subscription. We believe in delivering an outcome and success based work.

we focus on offering expert supported by technology
Check Point Dome9 Has been recognized one of the best technology for continous monitoring
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Get a single view on all your cloud
we use state of the art and award winning technology: Check Point Dome9 Cloud Guard
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