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NSC42 and Francesco can always be relied upon to deliver the required products as, or sooner than, expected.

This was especially impressive during a piece of work that required integration with undocumented and uncommon 'Legacy' systems.

Francesco and NSC due to excellent communication provided confidence that work was progressing as planned.

Francesco with friendly, professional manner makes him a genuine pleasure to work alongside and a welcome addition to any team.


As part of his Francesco and NSC42 have been awarded the PRIDE award from Nationwide

Oliver Smith, Principal PM

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BT Group

I have been very impressed with NSC42 speed of understanding the problem and providing solution with quality and attention to detail in his work.


NSC42 and Francesco have handled a number of complex and challenging requirements without issue or customer complaints and has been the consummate professional in all of his dealings with our customers.

As part of his Francesco and NSC42 have been awarded the PRIDE award from Nationwide

Tom Crelin, Head of Security Architecture


United Nation - WFP

In addition to his expert understanding of the technical domain, Francesco's approach to problem-solving and solution architecture is professional and systematic.



Francesco is an experienced professional in cybersecurity. Francesco has been an outstanding technical advisor for CISO and ICT Operations unit.

What impressed me of Francesco is his 360°-peripheral view of cybersecurity landscape that is very common among more seasoned veterans.

Andrea V Danesi, Principal SAP Security




NSC42 has been an invaluable partner  for the organization.

NSC42 and Francesco lead on Cybersecurity and strategy to a very high level, but Francesco also supported the architecture team in many other areas of architecture.

Francesco is a team player who is not only capable of leading his domain, but also of supporting me with critical stakeholder engagement and communication.

Francesco and NSC42 has managed  large system integrators and Microsoft amongst others.

In each case when meeting with these parties Francesco and NSC42 has clearly demonstrate of being the Cyber lead amongst his peers.

Clive Kellman, Head of Architecture & Transformation

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New Signature

NSC42 is one of the best Security Architect company I had the pleasure to work with.

Francesco has been, technically outstanding and a great team player, his energy, dedication and commitment to deliver even on the tightest deadlines are unparalleled. In addition to his excellent depth of security architecture skills, what sets Francesco apart is his breadth of knowledge which allows him to understand and contribute to a wide range of areas within a programme delivery life cycle, starting from enterprise level and down to low level design. I highly recommend Francesco as an expert Cloud Security Architect with a broad range of skills valuable to any organisation and I personally look forward to working with him in the future.

Florin Preda, Principal Cloud Solution Architect

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Charles Taylor

NSC42 is an exceptional cybersecurity consultancy and Francesco is an exceptional architect, not just within the security space but also infrastructure.

NSC42 and Francesco are attentive to details and is able to explain and document his designs in a manner to suit a variety of audiences.

Francesco and NSC42 range of technical certification and qualifications backup his depth of knowledge in many areas.

Francesco and NSC42 have a wonderfully collaborative way of working, always ensuring the right people are involved at the right time.I look forward to working with him again in the future, he would be a welcome addition to any team.


Steven Wright, Head of Operations

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