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Nimble Security Consultancy


In a world populated by financially motivated cybersecurity criminals and challenges appearing every day you need a strong cybersecurity partner for your cybersecurity training

we offer world-class cybersecurity consultancy tailored to your need and adjustable as needed with the best guaranteed satisfaction

When you need a specific piece of work delivered, market analysis and implementation...

NSC42 is here for you, we offer a wide range of expertise from Enterprise Cybersecurity Architecture, Cloud Security in conjunction with the other services security service when needed like the Cybersecurity Strategy and Cloud Security

NSC42 provides consultancy services in the following areas:


  • Application Security with the assessment of SDLC security and recommendation/ implementation of DEVSECOPS methodology and security tools

  • Cloud security with assessment and implementation of controls

  • Governance and Risk assessment

  • Product selection and implementation

  • Enterprise security posture assessment and with the implementation of controls

  • Remote access with assessment and implementation of controls



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