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At NSC42 we believe in being open, honest and giving back to the community and not just when it comes to cybersecurity. 

That's why we actively participate at a number of events and conferences and are active in the media to help raise security awareness, one individual at a time.


Public Talks


NSC42 and Francesco regularly present and participates in a number of public activities. 2020 has seen him as keynote at a number of events

Whitesource Keynote

CSA Webinar - Jobs in Cyber

CSA Webinar - STAR SOC & CSA

CIISec Cloud Security 2020

SC Media Panel Breach Analysis

SC Media Event.png

TEISS London 2020 Panel

Appsec Cali 2020 Keynote

Teiss Lonodon.jpg


Public Talks

NSC42 and Francesco regularly presents and participates in a number of public activities. 2019 has seen him as keynote at a number of events

Cyber Security & Cloud Expo 2019 Keynote

Enterprise Gambling Regulator Data Briefing 2019 Keynote

Whitehall Media Enterprise Cloud Solution 2019 Keynote

UNICOM Delivering Effective Enterprise Solutions 2019 Keynote

Becoming an Architect - Interview with Barclay Simpson

Cloud Security Alliance AGM 2019 Keynote

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Whitehall Media Enterprise Cyber  Security Keynote

Whitehall Media Enterprise Security Risk Management

Flat Iron - Cybersecurity prospective for engineers

Cyber Security & Cloud Expo North America - The Security Phoenix

Cyber Security & Cloud Expo North America - Panel - The role of Regulation

Upcoming 2020

2020 Talks

TEISS London Panel

Teiss Lonodon.jpg

Cloud & Cyber Security Expo 2020 (TBA)

Cloud & Cyber sec expo 2020 march.jpg

ISSA-LA Forum 2020 Keynote


ISSA LA May 2020.jpg



NSC42 believes in giving back to the security community.

For this reason, NSC42 collaborates with the wider community in terms of articles, guidelines, mentorship programmes and pro-bono consultancy.

Pro-Bono activities :

NSC42 members are strongly encouraged to actively research and share the findings with the wider community using a variety of channels:


  • Public Speaking Events

  • White papers, Keynotes and other free material

Other activities include:


  • pro-bono consultancy with a special reservation for diversity teams.

  • mentorship

NSC42 actively collaborates with the following organisations:

Cloud Security Alliance

NSC42 team members cover a number of roles in the local chapter from board members and researchers, to 
director of events.

Toastmasters International
Color Logo.jpg

NSC42 team members collaborate actively with the London Chapter in the form of keynotes and research.

NSC42 actively collaborates the local toastmaster groups

NSC42 actively collaborates the local toastmaster groups


If you would like to speak to us about any collaborations or conference

appearances click on the button below!

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