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In a world populated by financially motivated cybersecurity criminals and challenges ith scarece resources we want to help by bringing the best in class training

we offer world-class cybersecurity training with the best trainers and satisfaction.

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Our WHY:

In all the past work engagement, we’ve noticed training were not focused on the end manager or the developer that were in the class just because someone told them so.





Training must be engaging and entertaining

Our HOW:

For this reason, we’ve created a set of training curriculum, in collaboration with the world-class trainers on application security and cloud security. 

We believe in serving our clients consistently and continuously at a reasonable price.

Training Catalogue

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Our Training Packages


Security for Managers

DEVSecOps for Managers Curriculum.png

Manager Appsec/CloudSec Training:

As a manager, I needed to get quickly and effectively up to speed with the latest cybersecurity threat and technologies to understand my team and have a training crafted for me synthetic but comprehensive

Angela, Engineer manager now Appsec Lead

Application Security for

Engineers and Developers

Cloud Security Curriculum.png

Developer Appsec Training:

As a developer, I needed the skills to understand what tool to use and where demystifying the cybersecurity jargon and being able to threat model and risk assess quickly a problem.

I loved the training developed by NSC42 as it was focused on me as a developer, removing the complexity behind application security and jargon and providing me with the tool to implement and go trough application security tool's report.

Puneet, Developer now Developer Security Champion

Cloud Security for

Engineers and Developers

Devsecops DEV.png
Developer Cloud.jpg

Developer Appsec Training:

As an engineer transition to the cloud, I was concerned about using technologies I was not sure. Whenever the security team was inquiring if what I was doing was secure and followed the policies and standard I was always unsure how to reply.

NSC42 training provided me with the skills and tools to reply comfortably and confidently as well as growing my technological experience with an eye on security

Gurmeet, Engineer now Cloud Security Champion


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