AppSec Cali 19 - Sun, Sea, Sand and Infosec

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

Picture from Appsec Cali website

What a refreshing conference….that, in a nutshell, were my thoughts on the final day of AppSec Cali 2019 conference.

The logistics were flawless, thanks to the volunteers, and the location was terrific with the Annenberg Community Beach House overlooking the Santa Monica beach and the calm “winter” Pacific Ocean.

The schedule of the event was also well paced and packed with exciting talks and keynotes that I will briefly summarise in this article.

The view from the Santa Monica beach

On reflection those are not the main things that made AppSec Cali stand out from other great conferences, like Black Hat, Defcon and BSides.

What made the difference, aside from the climate and the view, was the small and close nature of the conference.

Throughout the whole event, I felt like I was amongst a group of a friends coming together and discussing ideas and collectively progressing infosec.

Maybe it was the relaxed nature of Southern California, perhaps it was the beach, but whatever it was the conference was a fantastic and relaxed way to network, discuss and share ideas with fellow Infosec professionals.

Sundown from the conference center


The organiser Richard Greenberg deserves a special mention as he keeps on putting in the effort to improve cybersecurity, in the application world, by organising events like this and ISSA-LA

The headline speaker lineup was broad and included a wide-range of subject matter experts.

The rest of the speakers were top class too, covering a broad spectrum of topics, so there was something for everyone.

The Conference:

The first day started with sunshine and a short commute along the beach toward the convention centre.

My ride of choice was the Uber electric scooter due to the weather, which was 20 degrees and sunny, so I wanted to take the opportunity to enjoy it, as it was a far cry from London in January.

One of the many ride options available in Santa Monica

After a short fun ride, the path to the convention centre ran right through Santa Monica beach, skirting Pacific Coast Highway.