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2020 - CIISEC Panel

CIISecurity North Chapter meeting. We discuss cloud security and Threat Research from Checkpoint

2020 - CIISEC Panel

Hosted by John Amer, CIISec North West Branch Chair. Featuring presentations from Derek Middlemiss, Checkpoint and Francesco Cipollone, NSC42 Ltd.

Is the cloud secure? It’s easy if you do it smart 2020 edition - Francesco Cipollone
Francesco will take the audience on a journey on the cloud evolution, the recent hacks and the need to make security everyone's responsibility. The talk will explore major challenges in cloud transformation from an organisation and security perspective with top 8 solutions to address them.
The solution will explore:
- The shared responsibility models
- Foundation architecture
- Cloud pattern available
- Design security and security by design
- Gamification and the use of EoP in everything security
- Shift left and bringing security at the beginning of the development
- Security testing and automation
- DEV-SEC ops and the integration of Security and Business/Architecture


John Amer, BT - CIISec North West Branch Chair
John is currently the “Incubator Manager” for BT’s Security CTO Office working with business clients to select and integrate security solutions for hybrid cloud environments. With over 30 years working in network and 20 years of that concentrating on security John believes integrity and “giving back”, both personal and within a technical solution is the key to ensuring ongoing relevance.

John’s passion is technology and most of the roles he’s held involve either a direct technology link or running a small team who are passionate about what they do. He has however had a few kinks in his career such as project manager for an international network and manager of the “Global Banking and Finance Sector” network security design team.

John holds both CISSP and CCSP qualifications. He is an active Cisco CCIE with over 20 years tenure and currently helps Cisco as a member of the CCIE Council to maintain the relevance and integrity of the exam. He is also an occasional contributor to #init6, an on-line collaboration to encourage adoption of technical skills in automation and programmability as well as being CIISec North West branch chair.

Francesco Cipollone, NSC42 Ltd
Francesco is a Cybersecurity Executive/Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) who specializes in strategy and cloud security. Fuelled with passion, curiosity and dissatisfaction for the status quo, he believes in protecting identities in cyberspace and creating a safer, a more connected world for future generations. He is currently helping HSBC building their cybersecurity architecture practice and is acting virtual CISO for ELEXON.

He launched the #MentoringMonday community together with the support of Jane Frankland and Tanya Janca. The mentorship community is inclusive with a focus to empower women in cybersecurity as well as young minds.

Francesco has delivered effective cybersecurity transformation for clients in Financial services such as Nationwide, Charles Taylor, Capita Asset Management, Link Asset Management.
He has also delivered a cybersecurity improvement programme for different sectors where his clients have included: United Nations (WFP and FAO), National Lottery (Camelot), Vodafone, BT, Telecom Italia.

Derek Middlemiss, Security Solutions Engineering Manager, Checkpoint Software Technologies
Attacking the Dark Corners of the Internet
Derek started his career as an electronics hardware engineer working for Texas Instruments more than 30 years ago. Since then he has enjoyed a career at the high end of Information Technology from the early days cutting his teeth on Xenix System V and SCO Unix systems to the present day managing an elite team of Security Experts for Check Point Software Technologies.

Derek’s current role at Checkpoint is managing a team of 15 experts from across EMEA providing thought leadership and technical excellence over a wide range of integrated security infrastructure covering Hybrid Datacenters, Cloud Native, Remote Office Infrastructure, Advanced Threat Prevention and Security Orchestration and Automation technologies. Derek says that bringing the technology specialists together under one team allows them to see the bigger picture and link together different areas of security concern in their customer base and address issues more efficiently adding real value to the advice they offer customers.

Outside of the direct managerial role Derek also has the privilege of being a part of the Check Point Evangelist program which through links with the Checkpoint Research teams gives access to in depth data on attacks, the major players behind these and some quirky vulnerabilities. Dedicated to a lifetime of learning Derek finds the constant evolution of the security sphere keeps him interested and challenged in a positive way.

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