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Software Engineer

Software Engineer

Software Engineer

Company Brief
NSC42 is a cybersecurity consultancy that is working on an exciting new product. You will be working on our new product Security Phoenix that is disrupting the world of vulnerability management and application security. We are looking for a candidate wants to work in a very dynamic and flexible way. This is a client facing role, you
We don’t work in traditional way. Fully remote, fully distributed, fully around you. We are delivery based and working around your life rather than the other way around.
Product Page:
Short Pitch:

• Remote Most of the time with client facing
• Flexible working hours when not with clients
• Great and relaxed work environment
• Holidays
• Travel to London and food fully expensed

• Help Client team act on report
• Develop and customize reports based on client requirements
• Work with the client’s development team to help them act on reports and stats
• Experience with coaching on the job and training
• Implement, test and operate advanced software security techniques in compliance with technical reference architecture
• Perform on-going security testing and code review to improve software security
• Troubleshoot and debug issues that arise
• Provide engineering designs for new software solutions to help mitigate security vulnerabilities
• Contribute to all levels of the architecture
• Maintain technical documentation
• Consult team members on secure coding practices
• Develop a familiarity with new tools and best practices

• Proven work experience as a software security engineer
• Experience with OWASP ASVS, SAM Mobile testing, OWASP Nettacker, Dependency check…
• Experience with NIST frameworks, security best practices (CIS) and similar
• Experience with web application vulnerabilities, identity vulnerability and reports
• Detailed technical knowledge of techniques, standards and state-of-the art capabilities for authentication and authorization, applied cryptography, security vulnerabilities and remediation
• Software development experience in one of the following core languages: Ruby on Rails, Java, Javascript and .NET
• Adequate knowledge of web related technologies (Web applications, Web Services and Service Oriented Architectures) and of network/web related protocols
• Interest in all aspects of security research and development
• BS degree in Computer Science or related field
• BSc in Computer Science, Engineering or relevant field (optional)

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