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CSCP Season 1 - Cyber #MentoringMonday

CMM is the first season of the Cybersecurity Cloud Podcast


Cyber #MentoringMonday


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Podcast - Playlist

Cyber MentoringMonday

Cyber MentoringMonday

Cyber MentoringMonday
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Cybersecurity Mentoring Monday - Tanya Janca - OWASP APPSEC & Women in Cyber
Play Video

Cybersecurity Mentoring Monday - Tanya Janca - OWASP APPSEC & Women in Cyber

Cybersecurity Mentoring Monday - Jim Manico - Appsec & OWASP
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Cybersecurity Mentoring Monday - Jim Manico - Appsec & OWASP

Cybersecurity Mentoring Monday - Vandana Verma Part 2
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Cybersecurity Mentoring Monday - Vandana Verma Part 2

Cybersecurity Mentoring Monday - Vandana Verma Part 1
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Cybersecurity Mentoring Monday - Vandana Verma Part 1

Message from Tanya Janca to the community

Season 1 - Past Episodes

26/04/19 Chris Hodson

After 17 years in cybersecurity, as well as talking all things cyber, Chris talks about the route he took to become a CISO and opens up on how to communicate with others in a similar position.

05/07/19 Shamane Tan Part 1

We have all heard about the talent shortfall in cybersecurity and the worrying number of jobs that remain unfilled so we talk about how we can attract and retain staff to the industry and what we can all do to nurture talent.

10/05/19 Daniel Card

We talk all things cyber, from how to establish yourself in the industry and how not being allowed to play Doom when he was just eight-years-old led Daniel to become a hacker and eventually embark on a career in cybersecurity.

05/07/2019 Shamane Tan Part 2

Shamane is a real champion of cybersecurity in Australia and after launching #CyberRiskMeetup, in one single city, they are now hosted across Australia and Singapore, with more planned growth. 

So we discuss the importance of giving people within the industry a platform to grow, discuss and learn. 

26/07/2019 Lisa Forte Part 1

We have all heard about social engineering but as Lisa explains it can be so much simpler than we all think and how virtually every conversation could put you in danger .......

23/08/19 Jane Frankland Part 1

Jane has long been an advocate and champion of women in cyber security and after taking a very different route into the industry she talks about the challenges she's faced and how she overcame them.

20/09/19  Greg van Der Gaast  Part 1 

As a seasoned infosec leader with 20+ years in information security Greg gives his advice on how to deal with 'people' in cyber and the challenges the industry faces by trying to fix everything at once.

26/07/2019 Lisa Forte Part 2

Find out how a simple Facebook message cost one law firm £300,000.

And Lisa shares her top three tips to help you stay safe and not become a victim of social engineering.

23/08/19 Jane Frankland Part 2

Jane answers all your questions covering a range of topics from top tips for implementing change within organisations who are change-averse to how the industry can attract and encourage more women. 

20/09/19  Greg van Der Gaast  Part 2

Greg tells us why how you communicate is key to keep boards on side when you're trying to implement change and new processes, as well as answering all your questions.

04/10/19  Allan Alford  Part 1

In the first part of the podcast we cover everything from how to get started in the industry through to the huge importance of MFA and everything in-between.

04/11/19  Vandana Verma Part 1

As Chapter Leader at OWASP Bangalore and Asia Lead and Secretary OWASP Women in AppSec(WiA) Vandana kicked off our Appsec themed spell by discussing just how important Appsec is in the modern world.

25/11/2019 Jim Manico

We're talking all things Appsec with Manicode Security founder Jim Manico, including how you can make appsec seen as a priority! And find out why Jim is wearing a medieval costume and doing the podcast holding a crossbow!

04/10/19  Allan Alford  Part 2

As someone who has just completed his Masters Allan talks about the value of education when it comes to applying for jobs. But despite his own qualifications, he reveals it's not all about MBA's and Masters as there are still no guarantees. 

04/11/19  Vandana Verma  Part 2

The topic of gender balance comes up regularly within our group and Vandana believes it's not just about encouraging women, we need to encourage and educate everyone.

We also discuss mentors the importance of enabling people, inspiring them and helping them grow 

02/12/2019 Grant Ongers

As we continue the Appsec theme we're joined by OWASP board member and OIC Security Principal Consultant Grant Ongers, who "only uses the term dev sec ops because everyone else does" but believes "really it's just Dev Ops done right".

09/12/2019 Tanya Janca

In the latest Appsec themed podcast with Tanya Janca we discuss all things Appsec, diversity and the importance of mentoring. We also find out how we have an ethical hacker to thank for Tanya turning her back on software development and embracing cybersecurity.

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